Wild West: The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid

by Joe Corso
  • Book Author : Joe Corso
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  • Category : Fiction
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Book Description

The Adventures of the Lone Jack KidRide along in the wild west with Frank and Jesse James as they share in the adventures of The Lone Jack Kid. This was wartime; men lived and died fighting their enemy . . . and sometimes they died fighting each other.“My name is Charles Longstreet.” The men looked at each other as recognition set in. “You’re the Lone Jack Kid?” The Kid smiled. “The one and only.” He pulled his hat off of his head and waved it in the air, giving the Rebel yell. “See you money grubbers in hell, boys.”He jerked the reins, and nudged Comet with his heels. She turned her head and leaped into the bubbling stream with water as high as the stirrups, and dashed across, splashing tendrils of water high in the air on both sides of her. It was an impressive display of horsemanship. The toll collectors watched with grudging admiration.If you love...historical fictionwestern fiction bookswesternswild westromanceclassicscowboy ebooks...scroll up and read free with Kindle Unlimited!

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