Winner’s Day: The Most effective way to plan your day, increase productivity, get immediate results and win every day for the rest of your life

by Dennis Bak
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Book Description

Are you sick of having too much to do in a day? Do you get overwhelmed often? Would you like to become a Winner, to have everything organized and get shit done? The Goal of this book is simple. I will teach you How to find your goals, plan them in a way that your productivity doubles and how to win every day of your life. You will learn: -The system to plan your day -The diference between priorities and urgencies -One thing that will improve your motivation, energy and power troughout the day -How to get what you want in every domain of your life -How to win your mornings -Questions that will help you clarify what you truly want in life -Why it is important to have LOVE-MONEY-HEALTH, all together -How to be a Winner -How to respond to people who try to bring you down -The best reward system for your motivation -The best habits to increase your productivity -The best reward system for your motivation

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