Winter Blunderland (Bex Carter 3)

by Tiffany Nicole Smith

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Book Description

Will Bex survive this family vacation? Bex Carter and her family are spending winter vacation at a fancy ski lodge. Unfortunately, Bex isn't that excited about it. Aunt Jeanie has scheduled every minute of their vacation with activities which include Christmas Carol Karaoke, building gingerbread houses, and a visit to Santa. Being thirteen, Bex has no interest in such childish activities, so she's thrilled when she comes across other teenagers at the ski lodge. These kids really know how to have fun. Bex is having a great time with them until she realizes their fun comes at the expense of others. She has two choices; She can spend the rest of her vacation following Aunt Jeanie's rigid itinerary and tolerating her bratty cousins or she can join in the "fun" with her new friends. What will Bex decide? Ages 10 and up

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