Winter’s Child: a novel

by RJ Hervey

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Book Description

Set against the colorful backdrop of 15th century Florence, RJ Hervey tells the stunning tale of Amadora Trovatelli, a workshop apprentice who, after miraculously escaping from a horrific fire, swears to kill the nobleman who took everything from her. With nothing but her harp, Amadora dives headfirst into the charged political landscape of Florence. Caught with the Medici on one side, the Salviati on the other, and the constant reminder that higher powers are in control of her destiny, she uses her mastery of music to maneuver ever closer to her goal. Meanwhile, she must escape notice of the inquisition, who have named her a witch for surviving the fire she can't remember escaping. And all the while, she's carrying the child of the man she has sworn to kill. WINTER'S CHILD is an evocative new style of historical fiction, brimming with rich language, emotional turns, and a view of the Italian Renaissance you won't soon forget.

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