Witch Eyes

by Scott Tracey

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Book Description

Braden suffers from a powerful magical curse. The witch eyes allow him to see the memories of the world, to see forgotten emotions, buried memories, and to pierce through lies and deception. They make his magic unparalleled, but every use brings him closer to death. But when a powerful vision of doom threatens his only family, Braden heads for the source of the vision, the town of Belle Dam where feuding families of witches have ruled for decades. Upon his arrival, he meets the enigmatic Trey, a gorgeous boy with motives of his own.And by then it’s too late. A dangerous secret puts the boys on opposite sides of the feud, and as more people realize the power that Braden is capable of, he becomes a pawn in a deadly game. To change the future and save his family, Braden must uncover the secrets of Belle Dam. He is not the first to be born with the witch eyes, but if he can’t unravel the truth of Belle Dam’s founding, he may be the last…

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