Witchbone: The Goblin’s Winter

by Alex Norton

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Book Description

The town of Eddystone, New Hampshire is locked in the icy grip of extreme winter temperatures, an arctic cold spell unheard of there for over a hundred years. Danny Hallow, an eleven-year-old boy with a cryptic and closely guarded family history, is brought to Eddystone by his three Keepers. He's been summoned for the reading of his uncle Enoch Wildwood's will, a strange and reclusive man Danny didn't even know existed until his sudden and mysterious demise. While staying at his family's ancestral estate of Gnomewood Home, Danny gets more than he bargained for in his uncle's will and learns his family is even more peculiar than he realized. He's either blessed or cursed with some unusual genetic abilities (depending on whom he listens to) and finds out that some people in the town of Eddystone think he should never have been born at all. To add to his troubles, the deep cold has brought an enigmatic predator out of hiding. Something small, vicious and undeterred by the weather. Something that takes an interest in Danny. With the help of some new friends and Eddystone's most reviled outcast, Danny attempts to solve the riddle of the malevolent creatures that are plaguing the small seacoast town and its denizens. Along the way, he begins to explore his own emerging abilities and attempts to unravel the very complicated web of his family's secrets, kept hidden for centuries within the crumbling walls of Gnomewood Home.

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