YOGA for Beginners: The Keys to Your Health or Life in Harmony With Yourself (Theoretically Introduction) Yoga Place Book

by Denzil Darel

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Book Description

"Firm Possession of Feelings – this is Called Yoga. ... Death Tells Such Knowledge." Please note – The First Text, which defines the concept of "yoga," assigns the authorship of the definition not to Krishna and not to Shiva – they, in turn, become "Lords of Yoga" in more recent times... It is doubtful whether "on their own"; more likely – by the will of "the leaders of society." That is to say, according to the change of prevailing sociopolitical trends... However, in fact, Yama was the first – responsible for the death... Let’s recall Castaneda: "Death is the best adviser ..." As for the "leaders of society" – these people have always been cunning and at all times differed with a particular finesse in massive speculation on the emotional attachments of the crowd... The Second definition, in fact, can be considered very approximate the meaning of yoga as such. This it is instead a given state of consciousness, which is achieved using "yoga" – "bridle." Thus, at the level of the primary definition "yoga" appears not as an end in itself or some singularity, but only as a process tool designed to control the behavior of the mind.

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