Yoga & Mindfulness Therapy: Home Practice Book (The Yoga Place Book) 25 Poses Step-By-Step Guide of Yoga for Complete Beginners

by Martha Rowe

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Book Description

“Yoga is the oldest science of comprehensive development and harmonious improvement of every person’s physical body, mind, and inner world.” Several centuries of crystallization and careful selection of the most efficient techniques made yoga one of the most effective training systems. Due to the permanent and regular practice of yoga exercises, you will obtain iron health, well-controlled mind, and strong will – everything to build a strong foundation for your happy and conscious life. With the help of this book, you will learn the yoga basics and understand that yoga is not as challenging as you have always considered. A few minutes every day will be enough to remain healthy, to live in harmony, and to feel a true yogi. If you are at the very beginning of your yoga studies and practice, then, most probably, you will have to learn the practice features, thoroughly review the details of performing asanas, and perhaps, to discover a new world.

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