You Can Invest Like A Stock Market pro

by James Pattersenn Jr
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Book Description

You Can Invest Like A Stock Market Pro is a how-to guide to help investors obtain market-beating returns from investing in stocks in the same manner that stock market pros do to amass their fortunes. The subtitle of the book is no hype: Both of the author’s investment portfolios have outperformed the stock market over the long-term through the use of the strategies detailed in the book. His original portfolio is more than 10 years old and his newest portfolio is more than six years old and both have total returns and annual rates of return that have outperformed the overall stock market since their inception. Because of the impact of the Great Recession that started in 2007, many Americans have become leery about investing in the stock market. That's to be understood since most owners of 401K's and other investment accounts saw their accounts drop 30% to 50% in value during the period with the average 401K losing more than 40% of its value. Regardless of what you may have been told or what you may believe, investing in the stock market is still one of the most effective ways for most people to build wealth and best of all, a high IQ isn’t needed to do so. You simply need to know how to invest the right way since most people invest the wrong way. This book teaches you how to invest the right way. It teaches you how to invest like a stock market pro.

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