You do not need GOOD HABITS stay in the A$$ or achieve your goals: 7 small habits in 7 short days and you’re on the road to success (Self Improvement) (Volume 1)

by Tyler Goodman

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Book Description

Small changes work. One secret action will change everything... One solution will get you out of the ass... Make a decision... The method works. This book will: - help you to make an important decision about the changes in life. - will give you an understanding of 7 simple habits, by using which anyone can change their lives for the better. - will give you a short seven-day plan to acquire 7 successful habits. And this is correct: small changes are less painful and more real. In addition, you`ll see the results more quickly. Toward the end of "You do not need good habits," you will stop doubting and will start living an amazing life. Want to know more? Download now and start today. Scroll to the top of the page. Just do it!

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