Your Destination has Arrived

by Barry Cheema
  • Book Author : Barry Cheema
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  • Category : Action & Adventure / Permafree
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Book Description

With the help of a story of a dog, I have tried to portray in this novel, how a man is a slave to his subconscious mind. How, despite knowing that what he is going to do is wrong, he does it anyway. How his happiness is actually not real happiness but a virtual one. A police dog is awarded a human life for his act of bravery. A K9, Bruno is smart and brave and is going to live the life of a human. But the reward comes with a sacrifice. The police dog is expected to achieve a task for him to remain in the body of a human forever. What makes the story more interesting is that Bruno, while dealing with the task, has to deal with another concern—the subconscious mind of the human body, which happened to belong to a terrorist. I have tried my level best to convey in this story- heartfelt feelings of a dog, his longing for a human life and his conflict with the subconscious mind of his human body. I hope this craft of fiction turn out to be a page turner for you.

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