Premium book listings allow you to further showcase your book on your free or daily deal days. Premium book listings include additional details about your book as well as additional URL’s to drive traffic to your website. The additional back links to your author website and books sites will also help increase downloads and sales.

**Only use high quality, original covers. DO NOT USE the “Look-Inside” graphics taken from Amazon. If you do your submission will be removed and payment will not be refunded.

Premium book listings include author bios, social links, additional store links and are featured on the sidebars through out the site.

Cost: The cost of a Premium Book Listing is $10USD/ per listing and is non-refundable. 

  • Author Name will be displayed in listing
  • Email address is only used to send confirmation of your posting.
  • Optional Twitter URL (
  • Optional Facebook URL
  • Optional Author Website
  • Optional Author Image: Max Width:200 pixels
  • Optional Author Bio Limit 750 Characters
  • Optional - iBooks URL
  • Optional Barnes & Noble URL
  • Optional Kobo URL
  • Optional Scribd URL
  • Limit 1500 Characters
  • Book covers will be displayed in the listing and details page with the synopsis. Max size: 600px x 600px
  • Is your book always available for free?
  • Is your book available on Kindle Unlimited?
  • Please enter a number from 0.00 to 99.00.
  • Please enter a number from 0.00 to 99.00.
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    The cost of a Premium Book listing is $10 USD per listing. The information below will only be used for payment purposes. All payments are made securely through PayPal.
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